Edit News Items

Add new news items and edit, or delete, existing news items.
  • All fields marked with * are mandatory. You will see pop up prompts if you do not complete all mandatory fields.
  • The Headline will appear on the front page, as will the first 150 characters of the Item Text.
  • If you do not upload an image (to the custom image box) then a default image will be used. The image will depend on the category, fixture or person selected.
  • The Item Text box can be used to add images, format text using normal html formating. To see the html switch to 'source' mode, otherwise, use the icons above the text area, as you would in Word or Excel.
  • Setting a publish date in the future will stop the news item appearing on the site until after the publish date/time.
  • Any changes here will automatically add an entry to the 'Page Updates' section of the home page.
Edit Prize Draw Winners

Add new prize draw winners and/or edit existing prize draw winners.
  • All fields marked with * are mandatory. You will see pop up prompts if you do not complete all mandatory fields.
  • Instructions are shown on the edit page.
  • If the winners are entered in advance, the winners shown on the home page and the prize draw winners will update at 1200 each day (expect Sunday).
  • The home page will show the current days winners and the 'Prize Draw Winners' page will show all winners for the current week.
Edit Profiles

Add new players (including loans in and loan out details) and staff and/or edit existing players and staff.
  • Only the first name, last name and role (dropdown) are mandatory
  • The 'Joined Club' and 'Left Club' dates are used to display the correct players/staff in the correct seasons. All other fields are for display purposes only.
  • The current season (10/11) runs from 1st June 10 to the 31st May 11 inc.
  • No staff can be deleted, as they are required for historical match reports etc.
Edit Fixtures

Add new fixtures and/or edit, or delete, existing fixtures
  • Alternate Venue, Additional info and Season ticket are optional fields.
  • If Alternate Venue is filled in, this will be used as the venue for the fixture. If not, the default venue of the home team will be used.
Edit Scores

Update final scores of other (non Qos) league games and mark Qos games as postponed.
  • Scores entered here will be used to calculate the league table.
  • Scores of Qos games should not be updated here, but through the Match Report Edit page.
  • However, Qos games that are postponed can be marked as postponed on this page.
Control Panel

Clear page caches and update static pages.
  • If uploading a new static page, go here and click 'Update static pages Last Updated' to write the change to the database.
  • Use the clear cache buttons to clear the page caches, if they do not automatically clear on update.
Edit Match Reports

Add all match report data here, including line ups, score, scorers, crowd, report text. Live updates are also done on this page.